of Magic Noblecat


„God created the cat to give a man the pleasure of caressing a tiger!”

Victor Hugo

My life is full of cats! I remember once I joked that one day I would create my own real cat cattery. And here.. the Universe made it happen!

The cattery is registered under the number of № BG-069 in the National Feline Federation (NFFe), representing the Federation Internationale Feline (FIFе) for Bulgaria. The cattery is a member of the  Felinologian association Plovdiv and the National Felinological Club “Semilonghairs – NFC, clubs that are part of NFF.

The owner of the cattery is also a coordinator of the Maine Coon section and is responsible for all cats from this breed in Bulgaria.

Big heartly thank you to Galya and Nasko Pramatarovi for their unlimited support and advises in this new for us field.

Our big love to this breed, yet unknown in Bulgaria, made us interested in the selection-breeding of noble cat from the breed of Main Coon.

The grand-parents of our cats are champions of their origin countries, international world champions and cats, estimated very highly in numerous exhibitions around the world. Part of them originate from world famous catteries such as Sebasco`s Maine CoonAlwaro Maine Coon Cattery, Big-Hannibals Maine Coon Cattery, MC Cattery of Pine Tree, Lillycoon, Carramazza Maine Coons.

The parents of CH BG*Steelheart’s AliceCH UK*Georgia Under Skin и CH GR*Nektarcats Oskar are champions of Bulgaria.

Special thanks to cattery „Steelheart” and „FluffyCoon” for the quality genetic material.

The father of CH GR*Nektarcat`s Nabisco IC Alwaro Troy is international champion, and his mother – Big-Hannibal`s Dream Girl has obtained many excellent estimations. In the blood of GR*Nektarcat`s Nabisco it is flowing the blood of the world champion for 2002 EC DK Sebasco`s Daker Devito, as well as of the world champion for 2001 DK Milinocket`s Bon Jovi.

Special thanks to cattery „Nektarcats” for the choice Nektaria has made.