Welcome to the website of our cattery Viana-Fest!

My name is Zhanna Krachunova and I am from Isperih. When I was a child, I was surrounded by a lot of pets and I have learned to love and cherish them.

In 2011 I decided to do it professionally with breeding Persian and Exotic cats and that’s how I started with my first exotic cats – Fenix Persy de Gal, very endearing and charismatic boy and Bibiana Persy de Gal, a beautiful lady with sophisticated character for which I thank Galia and Nasko Pramatarovi!They have made a quick career and became International Champions of FIFe.

My enthusiasm for development and breeding elite cats has led me to the most prestigious and reputable global felinological organization – CFA.Thanks to that, I have met my current good friends and owners of CFA catteries – Silverdance – Simone Mader from Germany and Exotic Style – Elena Kalinina from Russia. My cattery Viana-Fest and all my cats are registered under this well-established international felinology organization. Since 2012, my cattery is a member of the Bulgarian Association Elite Cats, where I am also a co-founder.

In early 2013, my son Gundars Naglis’s love for a very rare breed in Bulgaria, the Sphynx, has led to our joint cattery and the import of the first breeding pair of Sphynx cats from the largest and most award-winning cattery of the breed – Grand Oray from Russia.

We express our sincere gratitude to our friends Simone Mader, Elena Kalinina and Elena Chernova for the wonderful cats and for all the help!

Have a good time on our website.