Leadership Roundtables

Women are thriving across the Twin Cities and across the state, yet there are limited ways for them to connect with one another in a deep and meaningful way.   Women’s Leadership Roundtables help women leaders engage outside of their organization to diversify their experiences, broaden your go-to network and develop your leadership skills.  This program is designed specifically for women in leadership roles across industry. 

Connect with a highly capable peer group on a regular basis to:

  • Discuss workplace challenges and develop solutions with others who share your experiences and passions.
  • Explore industry trends and influences with other leaders who have unique vantage points and insights that you might not otherwise access.
  • Enhance your leadership skills, outlook and career path.
  • Develop a go to network of peers invested in your success.


  • Being a part of the Women's Leadership Roundtable offered an amazing opportunity for me to establish authentic, professional business relationships with women I might not otherwise have had the privilege of meeting. The small group setting promoted candid discussion of our successes and challenges, and opened my mind to other approaches, leadership styles, and resources. I felt uplifted by this wonderful group of women after each meeting!
    - Julie Dekker (Director of Quality and Affordability, Medica)
  • The Women Leadership Roundtable has been a life-changing experience. In a small group of women leaders, we explored real work-life situations and different leadership techniques and styles, while building our leadership skills through in-depth discussions with each other and with guest speakers.
    - Janet Stacey (Vice President, Padilla Speer Beardsley)
  • I have found this women's leadership roundtable is a great balance between formal instruction, as well as informal mentorship from a group of peers. The sharing of success and challenges, both personally and professionally, has been very insightful, helping me to see my contributions, success and challenges; it has truly been inspiring!
    - Sue Willman (VP, Optum Health)

The Basics:

  • Meet monthly with other leaders in a confidential, enjoyable and non-competitive setting.
  • Interact one-on-one with individual roundtable members throughout the experience to deepen relationships.
  • Meet once each month with the same women leaders.
  • Led by Dr. Janet Polach or Dr. Jacqueline Byrd, with opportunities for one-on-one coaching, as needed.
  • Cost:  $3,800
  • Size of Group:  8-10 women leaders
  • Time Commitment:  9 months @3 hours per month (same day each month)


Janet and Jacqueline have been working with women leaders for their entire career and have been running Leadership Roundtables for the past 5 years together. 

Dr. Janet Polach, Ph.D., has over 18 years of experience working on organizational effectiveness issues by leveraging people.  She has assisted a variety of clients in organizational change and transition planning, information technology restructuring, organizational capabilities development, team building and coaching.
Dr. Jacqueline Byrd, Ph.D. is President of Creatrix, Inc., a Minneapolis-based organization that serves clients both nationally and internationally, which she has owned and operated for over 17 years.   Her expertise is in working across organizations on leadership, executive coaching and creating teams and cultures for innovation.


Learn more:   Contact:  Jacqueline Byrd [email protected], 612.386.0953, Janet Polach [email protected] 612.803.8842

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