Welcome to the website of club BAEC, a member of CFA. BAEC is the organizer of felinological exhibitions of CFA in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. We believe that every cat have the right to live, to have a home, to the best health care, love and respect. Their unconditional love will always be our driving force. We achieve our goals with cooperation with well respected scientists, doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, breeders and other professionals in the area of felinology.


Welcome to the Fifth International CFA show on 18 & 19 October, 2014, Kempinski hotel Zografski, Sofia. The funds raised will be donated to children with heart problems. Welcome!


The achievements of the elite CFA cats owned by the catteries in Bulgaria. You'll be surprised by their achievements – 2-nd Best of Breed, Best of Color, Grand Champions, Champions, Best cat, Best kitten…

CFA kittens

If you search for elite kittens from the recognized by CFA breeds such as Maine Coon, Exotic, Persian, etc., with future brilliant show career, born in Bulgarian catteries, members of CFA club BAEC…

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The winners of the Third International Cat Show of CFA in Bulgaria: 1) Best Kitten of the show – LYUBOBURM VITA NOVA BEATRICE, female Burmese cat, 2) Best cat of the show – LYUBOBURM SHAULA, Burmese female cat, 3) Best Premior of the show – TYPHOON PERSY DE GAL, male, Persian cat, 4) Best household cat – HARMIONE PP DE GARCIA, female.
During the Third International Exhibition of feline CFA at on 14-15 September, 2013 at Kempisnki Hotel Zografski, we accumulated 844 levs for the children with heart disease in the pediatric compartment of the National Heart Hospital. Thanks to all who participated and were involved with our charity. We will continue our charitable causes during our next cat shows.